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Arches National Park - Turret Arch Framed by the North Window

Aperture Academy Photography Workshops


Hello Flickrites and Happy-Almost-Christmas!


FIRST -- you're gonna want to press "L" on your keyboard to see this full size...


This image is how I spent my Christmas Eve Sunrise. Yes, I've been to Arches National Park many, many times and yes, this shot is a classic, and has been taken many, many times and I really never had any desire to shoot it...


Until this morning.


So if you follow me on Facebook, you know I'm on a three week shoot in the desert southwest and just left White Sands New Mexico...making my way to Moab and next I'm on to Escalante and more.


I was hoping for snow in Arches...


The forecast was iffy...there may, or may not be snow in Moab, the stupid weather man said...if I may get up on my soap box for a the HELL does someone get to keep their job when their wrong like 90% of the time??


I digress...and step down.


So anyway, I'm in Moab and was hoping for snow...something was luring me to capture the beauty of this amazing red rock with a fresh dusting of snow on it...but, it wasn't meant to be...




But heck, I'm here, I might as well scount for some new workshop locations (as Aperture Academy is doing two workshops here in 2011). I head out in the dark, it's 5am and I'm driving in the park...sunrise is due at 7:30am. While I drive I can already tell there are some nice high clouds since there's a near full moon up so I have a pretty good idea sunrise is going to kick ass. AND, on this trip my wife is with me, which is rare, so my gears start grinding...I could shoot the north window with Turret Arch framed in the middle...classic, BUT, I could shoot it with a person in the scene to lend scale...someone I can tell what to do...for the most part, and it gets done (grins)


Lending scale to this scene is not something I've seen anyone do in this spot and without a size reference, as with much of the wonders of Arches National Park, it's hard to convey just how ginormously-magnificant these locations really are.


So, I present to you...Arches National Park's Turrent Arch framed with the North Window. My take on a classic, I hope you like it!


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Taken on December 26, 2010