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"Holiday Bay" - San Francisco Bay Bridge Skyline

Aperture Academy Photography Workshops




The San Francisco Bay Bridge, and skyline, at night shines a little brighter during the month of December. Traditionally, the TransAmerica Pyramid, and a few other buildings, are only lit up for the holidays, making the normally breathtaking horizon glow brighter than usual.


On this rare, fogless night, the city is truly magnificent. The Embarcadero Center is festively outlined in lights, and the famous Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf are hugging the ink-colored shoreline, lending a drama that does the Bay Area justice.


While the Bay Bridge takes up the majority of the image real estate, the San Francisco skyline makes this image whole, to me.




Hello Fello Flickrites!


I have three agendas with this no particular order...


Agenda #1: Recently, Flickr sent me a "canned" email stating that if I did not remove outbound links from my posts that my account would be terminated. I was also told that I could not promote myself in any way on Flickr outside of my profile.


blink...blink, what? Isn't Flickr a social media platform? Isn't this what it's all about..sharing? Are you telling me you will govern what I "say"?! Last time I checked the First Amendement had my back here.


So I wrote back, asking them to elaborate and help me understand such a request. I turns about that in the fine print of the terms and conditions this is illegal behavior in the eyes of Flickr/Yahoo. I complied with the request and had to be "audited"...then they reinstated my account.


I then asked to speak with someone...explaining that as a customer I would like to be heard. A few days later I got a "half canned" email from a "supervisor" restating I had violated the rules and that they "apologized" that I did not understand that. HAHA! Thanks Fuc...I mean Flickr...thanks for pointing that out!


I wrote "her" back and said that I was very suprised at such a policy and shared my viewpoints, as a paying customer, that may/may not be good fodder for future terms and conditions assessment. Here's what I wrote:


- Links in photo descriptions are text that people read but people don't have to click on them


- Outside of a search, the only people that see my posts are those who are my contacts -- if they are not happy with the content that I post then they can easily remove me as a contact


- I have thousands of contacts and have never once had anyone complain, to me, about a link that takes them to learn more about what I do as a professional photographer


I then came to find out that it wasn't just me...Flickr was on a mission and many others were "canned" for being bad.


I sent this email over a week ago and I've recieved NO response so here I go...I admit it, I'm a rebel...


"Hello everyone...I am a professional photographer...I own the Aperture Academy and we teach in-field workshops, Photoshop and Lightroom classes and throw giant parties every 3-4 months in our 4,000 square foot gallery where we have guests such as Canon, Bay Photo and others present their goods and services. If you're interested in learning more, check us out at!"


Stepping off soap box now...


Agenda #2: To share with you my last post of the year...FINALLY, after years of trying to capture this scene, this year conditions finally all lined up. Oh sure, this spot has been shot (under the Bay Bridge) many times before by others (and some great stuff at that!) but I wanted something a bit more...I wanted the holiday lights on. Last year the conditions were sweet but the TransAmerica building wasn't lit due to budget cut backs...this year they have a selective schedule but at least some nights it's being lit.


So I present to you "Holiday Bay", a shot that was on my bucket list that I can now check off!


Agenda #3: As 2010 comes to a close I'm headed out the door this afternoon to spend the next three weeks in the desert southwest. I want to thank everyone for your support and well wishes over this past year and wish you the best holiday season and a kick ass 2011!!


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Taken on December 17, 2010