Fly Geyser - Black Rock Desert

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    Chaybert-StephenOachs Road Trip - Day 2

    The next morning, after meeting up with Chaybert in Reno Nevada, we got up before sunrise and returned to the Fly Geyser area, which we had scouted the night before to setup for a sunrise shoot.

    We arrived at the private gate that blocks the entrance to Fly Geyser. We climbed over the fence and tresspa...I mean entered the property with permission from "Bruno", the man who seems to own most of Gerlach Nevada. Again, Brian will tell this story with great detail so I'm simply summerizing here.

    Sunrise came quick and we were a bit paranoid that even with permission from...Bruno, that we didn't want anyone wondering why were were on private property taking pictures, so we hastily took some snaps and returned to the gate...and back to the safety of the public road.

    So what is this place you ask? Fly Geyser is the result of the property owner, back in the 1960's, drilling for a water well and instead striking a geothermal pocket. In the past 45 years this accidental man made geyser has constantly spewed mineral rich, boiling hot, water and all those minerals built up to create the other-worldly formation.

    As for the Black Rock Desert, it's vast and empty. This is a giant area that feels like time forgot (except once a year when they host the Burning Man gathering). We did see Kangaroo Mice and I swear one night, while camping, they were ganged up outside the tent plotting on how to get us, but now in hind sight I realize it must of just been the wind making that scratchy, chattering, deathly sound ;)

    Stay tuned for Day 3...

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    1. me-graphy 23 months ago | reply

      excellent work :)

    2. Hlynur.Kr 23 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot

    3. VickieHibler 23 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful!

    4. Uberto 23 months ago | reply

      una foto pazzesca ... incredibile !!! - a crazy picture ... amazing !!!

    5. TOVAR_ROBERTO 23 months ago | reply

      la naturaleza no deja de sorprendernos

    6. B L K 23 months ago | reply


    7. Max Hendel 22 months ago | reply

      Brilliantly captured !!!

    8. Giuli Musico 22 months ago | reply

      That's incredible! It seems the born of the heart...

    9. dr_skn08 19 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot !

    10. Lily-dreams 18 months ago | reply

      wow, i was surprise with that pics ,looks really cool .........^_^

    11. marywhite376 16 months ago | reply

      Fantastic colors! Unbelievable picture!

    12. phasterthanlight 11 months ago | reply

      Amazingly Beautiful!

    13. Colskier1 8 months ago | reply

      Rather gorgeous light!

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