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2014 Peoples Climate March NYC 90 | by Stephen D. Melkisethian
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2014 Peoples Climate March NYC 90

New York City, Sunday September 21, 2014. In an historic show of strength over 300,000 social justice activists from all over the world marched through midtown Manhattan demanding people's direct action to avert climate catastrophe. The diversity and creativity of the participants was astonishing. So was the 'in your face' anti-capitalist message presented by much of the multitude on the streets. Some highly respected social critics complained that corporatist affiliated outfits like the Environmental Defense Fund were involved with the march, thus negating it's impact. Really? What's the message that EDF and their capitalist allies bought and paid for? We're polluting assholes who suck but we're kinda' sort of sorry so maybe don't buy our products if this lefty shit matters to you? Corporate media coverage of the event was weak and, as usual, focused on the few celebrities in attendance and the irrelevance of the actions of the other not famous thus non-fabulous participants. According to USA Today, CNN, NBC etc. the real power resided with the ruling elites meeting at the UN in the following days who'd be deciding just how much of this climate justice stuff they'd allow. Interactions between the marchers and the police were exceptionally peaceful and respectful.

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Taken on September 21, 2014