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I completed Project 365 for the first time in 2007 - 2008. (See

The idea of doing it again has come about because I bought a Motorola Defy smartphone a couple of months ago. I have been using it with the Vignette app. This app produces lomography type results without the hassle of using film. After playing with it over the last few weeks, I have decided to complete Project 365 again using this combination of hardware and software. I like the fact that the results are quite unpredictable and surprising - especially as I set Vignette to random most of the time. Some of the results are bizarre - and some are rubbish but they can easily be discarded. Most of the photographs will be square or round as I thought it would be good to experiment with formats that I do not use on my digital compact and digital SLR.

April 1st seems like a good date to commence this project. I will send tweets each time that I upload a photograph to this collection. I will also make monthly mosaics of the photographs as I did before.

22nd June 2011

My original intention of completing Project 365 using the Vignette app has been thwarted because an update was released yesterday which was faulty. I took several photographs using it today but found that none of them had been saved. At first I thought that there must be a fault with my Motorola Defy but a few test shots proved that this was not the case. I went to the Android Market and found that other people who had installed the update were having the same problem. Later the app was taken down from the Market. I already had the FxCamera app installed on my phone. It produces similar results to the Vignette app. I went out into the garden and took today's Project 365 photograph. I will continue to use FxCamera at least until the developers produce an update of Vignette that works.

23rd June 2011

The developers have fixed Vignette now and I used it to take today's photograph. I will be using it for the remainder of Project 365 - assuming it keeps working. It is good to know that I have a viable backup though.