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Model: Ariel | by stenz
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Model: Ariel

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When I shoot with a model for the first time, I have them write their name in magic marker in a notepad, and then hold that up.


This way, when I go back through many images, I know who is who. I can also cheat during that shoot and when I forget their name in the first 30 seconds, I can sneak a look at the notebook or back through the images on the card.


Here, I took the shot of her holding the notebook and decided the seamless white background gave me a chance to do this trick, which I had been wanting to toy with (albeit a fairly obvious and silly one).


Things to note:

Even at 200% zoom, the images kept containing smaller images.

But only the top level one has had anything done to it in Photoshop to alter the look (other than copying, pasting, resizing, and blending for the little ones).

So you could zoom in on it and compare to see what was changed.


Also note that multiple times this day, I had the shutter on 1/250, and then set the camera down, and when I picked it up, changed it to 320 somehow, and didn't notice until later in the shoot. Corrected it, and then did it again.


So this image had some cropping to account for my retardation - fortunately I was shooting in such a way that the edges don't matter too much and could be lost like that.



AB800 camera left, right by the seamless white on just about full power.

AB800 with a softbox camera right (although eventually was basically right on top of the camera and was positioned similarly to a beauty dish - don't think we were there yet in this one - you should be able to see it easily in the catchlights.

The near one triggered by Pocket Wizard II, the far one triggered by the optical slave (which was a pain in the ass, since there were a few of us shooting in there, so we were triggering each other's lights and everyone was getting annoyed).

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Taken on December 13, 2008