Going Hostelling
When I left Austria to live in England the Cambridge Youth Hostel became my home from home. After a three year absence I returned performing cleaning, reception and office duties as well as pestering staff and guests alike for their portraits.

The travellers who book a bed here, in the second busiest hostel in England & Wales, come for a variety of reasons: There are tourists and backpackers as well as those who stop off at YHA Cambridge when first moving to the city, country or continent.
Despite all their differences they share rooms, enduring each other’s night time habits and snores. Transient friendships are forged easily. Diverse groups band together, providing friendship and even family replacements. Some will travel onwards or return home after their stay of up to two weeks, a few will make Cambridge theirs.

While their faces are ever changing the warm and welcoming atmosphere and sense of community between them remains.
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