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Aurora borealis and Mt. Hekla eruption NLG_8_NG

Aurora borealis and Mt. Hekla eruption NLG_8_NG Ice cave shs_n3_090833 c Fimmvorduhals shs_n3_040656 Eyjafjallajokull volcano lightning's shs_n3_045809 shs_n8_037844 Aurora borealis shs_n3_085728 shs_n8_051118 shs_n8_050968 shs_n8_018822 Hekla shs_000592_042c shs_n8_011270 Reynisdrangar shs_005788_017d Ice shs_n2_031077 shs_n8_022825 157 Grimsvotn shs_n3_072431 shs_n8_004722 shs_n3_103282 silhouette shs_n3_017536 driftwood shs_001019_017d shs_n8_067565 hdr

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Ulrich Burkhalter says:

Just an outstanding set !
They are my favorite too....
You live in a beautiful country.
Thanks for sharring.
Posted 103 months ago. ( permalink )

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aussiepressgal says:

Takk!!! I went to Iceland a few years ago and it is the most ruggedly beautiful country I've ever seen.
Posted 90 months ago. ( permalink )

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