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    Can you see the 3D word in the picture?

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    1. Steffe ages ago | reply

      Only lately?

    2. emdot ages ago | reply

      so clevr! i had to look at the bigger version to see it.

      (ahh.. gini... i think your hints are a little too hinty)

    3. Emporer Rhubarb [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Was I OK with mine?

    4. calvo ages ago | reply

      starts with an f and ends with an r....heh.

      it's really hard to do that eye-unfocusing thing on a computer screen!

      nice job, though, steffe. how'd you do this?

    5. O Caritas ages ago | reply

      Yeah, Gini, where have you been? Like... out having a life or something?

    6. Steffe ages ago | reply

      I made it here.

    7. Ka-Ka ages ago | reply

      Nice Steffe! I have to try the stereogram generator myself.

    8. Sylvia...Sometimes ages ago | reply

      well I've gone crossed-eyed and blind now...STILL don't see it! cripes

    9. calvo ages ago | reply

      only the worthy, sylvia... ;)

      actually, for me to see it, I had to look at the large-size original, then get really close to the monitor. I think my eyes still hurt from doing that.

    10. ocherdraco ages ago | reply

      Awesome! I love those things! Good word choice.

    11. Sylvia...Sometimes ages ago | reply

      weeps...oh woe!!!
      but then I looked again...and saw...

    12. emdot ages ago | reply

      how do you say "goofball" in Swedish?

    13. Steffe ages ago | reply


    14. jaymce ages ago | reply

      those goofball (knäppgök) eyes in the background were actually a bit frightening. thanks for this

    15. mikelietz ages ago | reply

      What word? It's a sailboat!

    16. GustavoG ages ago | reply

      So... it's out of beta already?

    17. ryanne { trimmed reality } ages ago | reply

      I SEE IT.....=) flickr!!!

    18. Vida Morkunas (seawallrunner) 117 months ago | reply

      I can't concentrate!

      All I see is the BIG BLUE EYES staring back at me!

    19. blipfish 110 months ago | reply

      hah ha... maybe they'll give you a free pro account for product endorsement?

    20. Steffe 110 months ago | reply

      That would be nice!

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