• funny shaped icicles. - emdot
  • I know!
  • Moldy orange, that Al stole!
  • Cat paws..... Svanspervot leaves his mark in the snow, and our hearts. - Many Cats 4 Me
  • The one and only, Svanspervot.

I give you...

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...a vertical panorama with a wintery landscape. Bergdalen at sunset, with a snowed in SAAB, cat traces, a moldy orange in the snow (see earlier picture), a greenhouse and some icicles hanging from the porch roof. Oh and a jet contrail! My own fave photo on Flickr. From my Panoramas andComposites Set.

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  1. emdot 117 months ago | reply

    yea steffe! your photo is the most "interesting" for the day you posted it. ;)

  2. Steffe 117 months ago | reply

    I did notice that, funny thing is that's how I feel about all my photos, everyday!

  3. Steffe 116 months ago | reply

    Now it's only the second most interesting picture from this day! How did this happen?

  4. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 116 months ago | reply

    I don´t know, probably this is dynamic and updated. Anyway for me it is a most interesting artwork. A masterpiece I had missed by the time you posted it. So sorry for that.

    Don´t mind the interestingness thing, algorithms can be a true disappointment sometimes while showing what it is subjective under the mask of objectivity figures bring. Subjective since the variables to make the function works are chossen by people. So, for me, its better not to give them room in your thoughts.

    Look at all this wonderful real feedback and times faved! Who needs algorithms? This panorama rocks!

  5. Steffe 116 months ago | reply

    I wasnt really "upset". I looked through the calender and found three of my pics there, (my ego was boosted just a little). Then I added them to that new group and was surprised to see that I couldnt add this one because it was no longer number one. I still think this is one of my best vertical panorama and sunset shots..

  6. hchalkley 115 months ago | reply

    Very nice, Steffe! I found it by looking for the most interesting photos tagged with 'landscape' - it's on the front page of those (and there are 64k with that tag!)
    I think I can also see a halo around the sun.

  7. Eris23 [forever oldskool] 114 months ago | reply

    Remaining in silence... (whispering: sooo beautiful)

  8. Many Cats 4 Me 113 months ago | reply

    OOhhh.... How inviting, lovel this shot.

  9. .Oss. 113 months ago | reply

    How many of you come back to shots you found some time back...?

    I've been back here a few times, just realised that I had not faved this and it absolutley deserves being faved...!

    Truly great shot.

  10. sayvanderlay 112 months ago | reply

    This picture makes me feel ALIVE!

  11. Steffe 112 months ago | reply

    It is cool. Now it's your turn hern, give it a go!

  12. Steffe 109 months ago | reply

    One year today. I guess I will have to shoot a new one to celebrate!

  13. jimeli1 108 months ago | reply

    Steffe. I love this photo image.I also loveto put my hand out into the image.It gives me the feeling depth and touching.I love the different types of icicles barely peeoping out form the top. Not the typicalthin long ice points but special ones... Great image my frriend.I love it...

  14. Two Big Paws 94 months ago | reply

    Absolutely fantastic capture!

  15. SerialCoder 92 months ago | reply

    This image has been added to the Flickr Museum for making explore's top 25. Kudos! You can check it out HERE...

  16. CatsFive 50 months ago | reply


    And damnit, is it even possible anymore to take a photo without a damned contrail in it these days??

  17. Steffe 50 months ago | reply

    I think it is.

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