Three Easter Witches

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    According to a myth that dates back to medieval times, every Maundy Thursday, the Witches takes their brooms and fly to Blåkulla for a gathering. These days kids (both boys and girls), often dress up as Easter Witches, wearing a dress with an apron and a headscarf. Their mission is to gather candy. Unfortunately for these three witches, Sara, Malin and Lisa, that I met in Tungelsta today, I didn't have any candy, so instead they gave some chocolate! Happy Easter Girls!

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    1. Choose Fate 73 months ago | reply

      I really like learning history like this.

    2. Steffe 73 months ago | reply

      Thanks Randy. I think there are a few photos of me, my brother and cousins, dressed up like this in a drawer somewhere.

    3. emdot 73 months ago | reply

      yea! i love this! i wish we did this in the states. The Witches of Easter-wick. :)

    4. Steffe 73 months ago | reply

      Thanks. Luckily for the girls the rain stopped and it cleared up a bit. Hopefully that meant that they got some more candy!

    5. Agnieszka 73 months ago | reply

      They seem like very kind witches, handing out chocolate and all :) I've seen a photo of Nicklas and his cousin in their witch attires, with lots of snow in the background, as he grew up in the far north and there wasn't much spring for Easter ;)

    6. ART NAHPRO 73 months ago | reply

      I was in Gotland at Eastertime Påsk when I was 5...I loved it..the witches (Hexa?) A very happy time with my cousins and Uncle and aunt..

      Thanks for the reminder...

    7. Steffe 73 months ago | reply

      The photo of Nicklas probably looks a lot like the photo of me and my cousins Agnieszka
      I can imagine that Paul. Yes, the Swedish word is Häxa.

    8. ART NAHPRO 73 months ago | reply

      There we go...thanks again Steffe.

    9. Églantine 73 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this Swedish custom. New to me.

    10. gustaf wallen 73 months ago | reply

      Happy Easter to you all.

      TGIF at:
      The World Through My Eyes

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