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Vargklyftan (mystery rock)

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This big rock east of Kalvsviks Farm and 50 meters up in the forest from Kalvsviksvägen is known as Vargklyftan (wolf's rift or cleft) or Kalvsviksstenen (Kalvsviks Stone). It has been perfectly split into two parts. It is five meters high and you can walk through it. If you do you will go mad or disappear...(I have walked through it!). No one knows for sure what happened and when, it could be a remnant from the ice age, it's not very likely that lightning struck the stone ,it's simply too big.

  1. emdot 118 months ago | reply

    maybe a tree grew between it? no? was that a stupid guess.

    i'm happy to now understand the origins of your madness.

  2. Steffe 118 months ago | reply

    You're stupid and I'm mad, it's the perfect match!

  3. emdot 118 months ago | reply

    wha?! wait! um! no! no. that's not what i mean. I mean, yes, you are mad, but surely I meant stupidly brilliant. Brilliant. That's what I meant to write. Silly keyboard, leaving words out.

  4. Steffe 118 months ago | reply

    I see. So you're brilliant and I'm mad. I think someone is suffering from lyssophobia.

  5. kanngard 112 months ago | reply

    I think the most probable cause, is that it was cut in half by a giant's axe.

  6. vinecountryboy 105 months ago | reply

    My grand mother told me this fable about the stone.
    When the first Osterhannige church was built about 1000 years ago.
    It lived a giant in the area and he got so mad he trough the stone at the church and missed.

  7. nilssonsune [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    Vill du läsa mer, gå till

    www.haninge.org/dokument/Osterhaninge/Kluvna stenen.pdf

  8. Steffe 102 months ago | reply

    Tack för länken Sune. Vore ju jättebra om man kunde bota tandvärk genom att gå igenom Vargklyftan! Måste titta efter dem liggande stenen nästa gång.

  9. Seattle Daily Photo 50 months ago | reply

    Mystery rock is very cool! I think ice broke this giant. Glad you kept your wits about you after passing through.

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