Ever since I heard about it in Geography class, going to "the end of the world" has blown sparks in my imagination and never let go. All I could picture was a place not unlike that game you play with your brother or sister, when you imagine that the sidewalk is lava and you keep bumping into people as you do your best not to fall in. Then your mom gets really annoyed really fast and ends up sending you to boarding school soon after for reasons apparently unrelated… All I’m trying to say is that this land of fire sounded so cool, I made a date with myself to eventually get there.

Fast forward thirty-six years and here I am, in Chile, where there's 12-hour bus to that very tip of civilization. And I couldn't be happier.

We mounted glaciers, horses and bridges to nowhere... Chile is a land of so many wonders, we didn't have time to do it all, but here is what we did do, enjoy!

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