Chalet or 'Plotland' houses in UK
These are shanty houses in the UK first photographed by me in the 1970s (Shepperton ones 2004, Dungeness 2008, Broads 2011 etc). This was an important phenomena that started in the 1920s and 1930s. Many of these self-built settlements are still going strong or have evolved into more prestigious properties.
A working class challenge to the mortgage system and an 'urban' type of vernacular (In that they were mostly built by townies).
The new Flickr group 'Plotlands UK' Williams-E.html
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I have just finished (2013) an assignment to document the main freehold 'chalet fields' of Gower. They have their own set. I have learnt that the Scottish version is part of a wider activity called 'hutting'. See:
My thinking on plotlands here: The Conspiracy of Good Taste - free ebook
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