Mr Eduardo Erastus and Plamen...

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    With his customary flair, Mr Eduardo Erastus and his assistant Plamen got the kettle on for a nice cup of tea. Miss Devereux went to fetch the Bourbons.

    This one came about after me and my friend Debra were chatting about the very fabulous Nick Cave, and his recent live performance of Today's Lesson on Jools Holland ... I loved her brilliant observation that when Nick stood over the organ with his hand raised up in the air (its about 26 seconds into the video if you're curious) he looked like a conjurer or magician, raising up a cobra - or perhaps even Lazarus himself...

    And so I started to muse on the idea of Nick Cave as the resident illusionist in my travelling carny group... I couldn't decide what he'd be conjuring up, so in the end settled on the notion of him brewing up the kettle for a cuppa.


    For a bigger view, click here.

    Interesting bits of trivia:

    The name Plamen is Bulgarian, and is derived from the Slavic element plam, meaning fire or flame...

    Mr Erastus is partly named after one of the Davenport brothers whose illusions sound fascinating, and remind me a bit of Nick's brilliant little Lazarus seance videos...

    (and here's another one...)

    Listening to... the man himself, singing one of my very favourites - God is In the House (love the banter between Nick and the audience at the start).


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    1. damselfly58 98 months ago | reply

      this is wonderful. :) eduardo looks like someone i know......

    2. Steering for North 98 months ago | reply

      thankyou, m'dear! :-)

      I thought you might recognise him ;-) I've just filled in the description about how he came about - *big* thanks to yourself for the inspiration!

    3. damselfly58 98 months ago | reply

      maybe nick was bewing some "opium tea"?


      Here I sleep the morning through
      'Til the wail of the call to prayer awakes me
      And there ain't nothing at all to do but rise and follow
      The day wherever it takes me

      I stand at the window and I look at the sea
      And I am what I am, and what will be will be
      I stand at the window and I look at the sea
      And I make me a pot of opium tea

      Down at the port I watch the boats come in
      Watch the boats come in can do something to you
      And the kids gather around with an outstretched hand
      And I toss them a dirham or two

      Well, I wonder if my children are thinking of me
      Cause I am what I am, and what will be will be
      I wonder if my kids are thinking of me
      And I smile and I sip my opium tea

      At night the sea lashes the rust red ramparts
      And the shapes of hooded men who pass me
      And the moan of the wind laughs and laughs and laughs
      The strange luck that fate has cast me

      Well, the cats on the rampart sing merrily
      That he is what he is and what will be will be
      Yeah, the cats on the rampart sing merrily
      And I sit and I drink of my opium tea

      I'm a prisoner here, I can never go home
      There is nothing here to win or lose
      There are no choices needed to be made at all
      Not even the choice of having to choose

      Well, I'm a prisoner here, yes, but I'm also free
      Cause I am what I am and what will be will be
      I'm a prisoner here, yeah, but I'm also free
      And I smile and I sip my opium tea.

    4. ╦╩:::THE LAST TIME:: ╩╦ [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      me gustan tus animaciones, son originalmente tuyas verdad?


      bless you!!


    5. Steering for North 98 months ago | reply

      Debs, that's brilliant - opium tea, of course! :-)

      I don't think I've heard that song - which album is it on? The lyrics are so evocative... I'm gonna Youtube it - thankyou!

    6. Steering for North 98 months ago | reply

      Thankyou, Marcelo! :-)

      Sorry, I don't know much Spanish, but my Mum speaks a bit and she translated for me -

      Yep, they're all my original drawings - all my own work :-)

    7. damselfly58 98 months ago | reply

      opium tea is on the b sides and rarities cd. don't think it appears anywhere else from memory. :) xx

    8. Steering for North 97 months ago | reply

      Aha! I've recently bought that album but not had a chance to listen to it properly yet - I'll go and track it down... thankyou, lady! :-) xx

    9. Salomeaphotos 95 months ago | reply

      Oh I love these so much! You are inspirational. :-)

    10. Steering for North 94 months ago | reply

      Salomeaphotos Many, many thanks! I'm really glad you like em :-)

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