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adventures of a pokemon trainer: a new ally

I staid the night at the local pokemon center before I headed to cerulean city. Once I got there, I headed strait to the gym. I went in cocky and head strong, because of my victory against Brock, and boy did I pay the price. Charmander was beat within seconds. I didn’t really think that misty was a water type trainer, so it easily beat charmander. I went to the pokemon center to heal, then headed in to the woods to train. On the way I thought I saw someone following me. We reached a clearing where I saw someone waiting for me. It was a treeko. The treeko had looked familiar and I knew why. It had been following me. I remember it briefly went by the lab window when I got charmander, and again at the gym. It looked like it wanted a fight. I got charmander out and he hit him with a power full bullet seed, which hit charmander full force. Charmander retaliated with a good ember, but treeko was incredibly agile, and dodged the attack with ease. He went up behind him and used pound, which nearly knocked him out, but managed to stay up, which caught treeko by surprise. Charmander hit treeko with a strong ember attack, which very nearly k.o.ed him. I grabbed a poke ball and through it at treeko. It shuttered for a moment, before keeping still. I picked up the poke ball and opened it. Treeko came out and gave charmander a friendly punch on the shoulder. I could tell they would be very close. We spent the rest of the day in the woods training. When we finally got back to the pokemon center we were exhausted, and went strait to sleep, and when we woke up the next morning, I knew we had the upper hand in the fight today


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Taken on May 17, 2012