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Flickr Shades - View Flickr in a New Light :- Darkness | by steeev
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Flickr Shades - View Flickr in a New Light :- Darkness

Flickrs so Bright, its Gotta Wear Shades ;-)


Ive written another GreaseMonkey script for the FireFox web browser, before installing the script you need to have installed greasemonkey. The script is called "Flickr Shades". It basically changes the colours of the website, to a black background and white text, Though you can easily edit the script to use whatever colours you like for the background, links and text.


Note: You can disable or re-enable the script, by right clicking the monkey icon in the bottom right corner of the browser then ticking or unticking "flickr shades".


If anyones got some better colour schemes for the links and text etc please let me know. When ive collected enough colour schemes, i might add in an options screen that will let you switch between them. Cheers.


You can now view Flickr without the fear of succumbing to snowblindness ;-)


Update 03-Jun-2008 added a colour scheme editor function, you can access it via the Firefox "Tools/Greasemonkey/UserScript Commands" menu


Update 25-Sep-2009 Tweaked various things (fixed for galleries + new flickr logo) Also added an onscreen link to open the colour scheme editor. Clicking the "?" link next to the "Flickr Tools" link in the top nav menu will now also open the colour scheme editor.


Update 22-Oct-2009 The latest code change at flickr meant flickr shades was blocking images on photo pages, this release is a quick fix for that problem, though now the notes are also blocked. i couldnt figure out how to unblock the notes, so if anyone can have a look at the code and help out, that would be great, cheers.


Update 9-Dec-2009 Fixed hidden photo button bar, fixed hidden photos in photostream view


Download here:


*Current Known Issues*

Certain mini icons get hidden (e.g mail + 'x's beneath photos in group pool)

Script has not yet been updated for the new photo page.


You can find all my other flickr scripts here


Donations gladly accepted! :) Though this script is being given away for free, it is not free for me to develop it, many, many hours have been spent programming, testing and supporting it. If you appreciate my work, and would like to thank me, and also support future development and maintenence, please consider making a donation, big or small, every little helps. My paypal link is available on my website and also on my profile page.

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