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Group Pool Admin: Warn + Delete | by steeev
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Group Pool Admin: Warn + Delete

SCRIPT UPDATED 15th April 2011!


I wrote a GreaseMonkey script for Flickr called "Group Pool Admin: Warn + Delete"

It lets a group administrators and moderators more easily remove inappropriate images from a group's pool, lets you easily send a warning message to the user who posted the image to the pool and also lets you kick or ban the user all in one simple interface.



* Quickly delete images from group pool without having to click "OK" each time

* Kick or Ban users directly from the group pool page

* Send a flickr mail to the user, explaining why their image was removed from the group pool

* an option to delete ALL the user's images from the pool

* Save messages as reusable templates.

* If you use the following variables in the subject and or message:







they will automatically be substituted with the appropriate values when you send the message.


Get Group Pool Admin Warn + Delete



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Uploaded on June 10, 2006