Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris, STEBRICK© 2020
Designed by Stefano Mapelli
Total bricks: 63.181
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Divide in Visible Bricks and Structural bricks to save your money:
Visible Bricks 50.103
Structural Bricks 13.078

Dimension in cm: width: 51,8 cm, length: 145,7 cm, Height at the top of the central tower: 101,9
Dimension in Inches: width: 20,4 Length 57,4 Height at the top of the central tower 40,1

Divided in 5 macro blocks easy to move, transport and to stock: the "facade", the "nave", the "transept", the "choir" and the “apse"

Enlighten it!!!! All the cathedral windows are made of transparent plates bricks, which give a realistic touch whether you place lights on the inside (yes, all the windows will shine in many beautiful colors!).

last but not the least: Possibility to change the whole model color!!! For example changing the main Tan color in a normal Light bluish grey color!!!
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