Seacow Head, PEI, Canada

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    This is a kite aerial photo taken of the cliffs surrounding the lighthouse at Seacow Head in PEI.

    I love the red mud!

    1. wdrwilson 118 months ago | reply

      Anyone have any ideas how to make this photo better. I basically just did auto levels in photoshop and then cropped it.

    2. Lenny&Meriel 118 months ago | reply

      That's a beaut, Bill.
      Well, I'll have a stab. I've used David Hunt's suggestion of adjusting the curves, putting a slight "S" bend in the Red and Green channels. It brings up the contrast subtly and at the same time enhances the red of the cliffs and the green in the grass. It's quite vibrant, but that's the subjectivity of something like this - I wansn't there to see the actual subject, but this is how I like it:

      It always seems to be the case that whenever I post these up, the differences between my image and the original seem to lessen.

      The changes I made here are small and to be honest the original image is so good that the form stands out well without a rotate or a crop - I like it, I like it alot, great abstract.

    3. wdrwilson 118 months ago | reply

      Hi Lenny,

      Wow that's very cool, I will have to keep that in mind. I like they way it pumps up the detail and the interest.


    4. kyteman 118 months ago | reply

      Dynamite picture, Bill -- with or without the tweaks. I'd like to use it in my slide show's abstracts section. OK?

    5. wdrwilson 118 months ago | reply

      Hi Brooks,

      I would be honored ;)


    6. Andrew_N 111 months ago | reply

      Are you seriously sending a $180 camera up in a kite? Does it ever get damaged? How are you controlling the direction/focus/timing etc.?

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