• ikea lamp with LED bulb
  • Late 2008 c2d unibody macbook pro with SSD
  • Dell U2211H
  • Mid 2011 iMac27 i5 2.7ghz with 12gb ram
  • Wacom intous 4 medium
  • 32gb white iphone4
  • Best coffee mug on earth
  • Lexar firewire CF drive

New editing rig... iMac27 core i5 quadcore 2.7ghz with 12gb ram

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Finally decide to get the new iMac, was waiting the new quadcore version for a while!
I can use my macbook pro for studio shoots now :)

Here's my last year's rig..

  1. ★WaiWai★ 45 months ago | reply

    Show off! Lol :P

  2. ★WaiWai★ 45 months ago | reply

    lol... i need me more RAM... 8GB not enuff... lol... will have to wait for xmas to upgrade to maybe 32GB...

    are you running 4GB or 8GB sticks on your iMac right now?

  3. StE823 [www.shutterlit.com] 45 months ago | reply

    4gb AND 8gb sticks! LOL...
    8gb is kinda cheap now! $75 + shipping from newegg.ca!

  4. StE823 [www.shutterlit.com] 45 months ago | reply

    btw i think OWC sell 32gb ram for iMacs for $3k... LOL

  5. ★WaiWai★ 45 months ago | reply

    oh i c. no dual channel??!?!?! hmm

    OWC selling for 679 for 32GB mac pro... eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/Mac-Pro-Memory#1333-memory

    3k for 32gb in imac... man might as well get another imac then LOL >_<

  6. StE823 [www.shutterlit.com] 45 months ago | reply

    679 is still a lot of money for ram.. LOL

  7. StE823 [www.shutterlit.com] 45 months ago | reply

    im running 2gb x2, and 4gb x2... total 12gb lol
    dual channel!

  8. ★WaiWai★ 45 months ago | reply

    True that man would rather spend the money on some more glass... Would Venice to have a fisheye... Lol

  9. ★WaiWai★ 45 months ago | reply

    Venice = be nice... GG spellcheck fail

  10. manowar19812003 45 months ago | reply

    I like your space working.All apple

  11. Harlem7 44 months ago | reply

    Hi, what's the name of the mouse pad?

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