bigger is not always better...

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    We thought it would be cool to shoot with a camera that was heavy enough to use without a tripod. However, there was a fatal flaw in our reasoning. Luckily, through the magic of Photoshop, we were able to make clones of ourselves and had them do all of the work. And all the while we sat, ate garlic corn nuts, and talked about VWs. Life is good in the digital world.

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    1. GTIFreak 98 months ago | reply

      Wow we were workin overtime with that camera!

    2. ec808x 98 months ago | reply

      LOL! I know I was tired after this.

    3. ehoyer 98 months ago | reply

      ! classic.

    4. itbe-Greg 98 months ago | reply

      Alright you 2 in the middle, off your duffs. We want to see those wheels a turning and we ain't talkin about the VW's wheels.

    5. sketchySteven 98 months ago | reply

      VWs rock. Jetta! VR6! Dubyuh...and not the stinkin' pres.

    6. susafri 98 months ago | reply

      this is so coolt! I love it. You guys are funny!

    7. itbe-Greg 98 months ago | reply

      Just a note - I have nothing against Dubyah the VW that is. My first car and my first rollover (with the help of a Semi) was an old Beetle. Anyway it held together pretty good and probably saved my associated press.
      Imagine beetle on its back with legs kicking :-)

    8. ec808x 98 months ago | reply

      Thanks, you all! It's always fun to mix a bit of silliness with "serious" night photography. ;-)

      Emily, sorry we missed you. It would have been great to see what three Emilys would be doing here.

      Steven, I knew you were a cool guy who's socially conscious with good politics and good pictures, but if you're rockin' a VR, you just became UBER COOL!

      Susanne, you'll have to do one of these shots with us one day.

      Crazy, Greg! Going up against a semi and lived to type about it! I guess one can't underestimate the strength of the spherical design.

    9. sketchySteven 98 months ago | reply

      2000 .... it's starting to show it's age a bit.

    10. ec808x 98 months ago | reply

      2000? It's got a few decades of life left. ;-)

    11. itbe-Greg 98 months ago | reply

      Yeah - I liked their ad campaign a few years back celebrating the hump. It did do its job. Mine was born the same year I was. Until you can see the ground rush beneath you though the rusted out floor boards, well it ain't even broke in yet.

    12. ec808x 98 months ago | reply

      LOL! I forget which one, but either my mom's or my dad's Beetle had a similar view of the road. I think it's time for you to come home and rock a VW again. ;-D

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