Astronomy & New Horizons
On the night of July 14th 2015, we celebrated as the spacecraft New Horizons glided past Pluto after a 9 year journey and as humans we explored further into space than ever before.
Queensland has a long history of curiosity with the night sky. Our fine city was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, a keen astronomer who built Australia’s first observatory. The Emu in the Sky, or the Milky Way, has featured in Aboriginal storytelling for thousands of years.
Our planetarium in Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane was beamed to audiences across the world during the live broadcast of New Horizons as one of a select handful of planetariums actively involved with coverage from mission control.

Whether Pluto is officially deemed a planet or not, this mission completes humanity's initial tour of the traditional set of nine planets in our solar system. These images from our collection honour the New Horizons mission and remind us what we can accomplish through ingenuity, focus, and cooperation.

Album curated by Jacinta Sutton, Discovery Services, SLQ.
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