Milton Kent & Son Photography 1921-1971
Milton Kent (1888-1965) is best known for the extensive collection of aerial photographs his studio took between 1926 and 1971. He was given his pilot's licence in 1926 and specialised in oblique aerial photography.

Milton Kent's clients included the Federal Government, the City of Sydney and a wide range of commercial and industrial organisations. His glass plate negatives are probably the best 1930's aerial views of Sydney and suburbs extant, particularly as they are mostly dated and identified.

After his death in 1965, his son Lindsay continued to run the studio until it was sold to Ernest Dorn in 1971.

As a part of our current focus on the story of the Sydney Harbour Bridge we have uploaded a series of Kent’s photographs taken during the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

If you are interested in early aerial views of Sydney the Library has recently digitised thousands more photographs from the Milton Kent Collection -
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