Study of a small girl with a prize Scottish terrier dog, c. 1935 / by Sam Hood

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Format: Glass photonegative

Notes: For a similar image of this little girl and her dog, with a slightly different mood, have a look at our catalogue:

The Library's catalogue record for this photograph calls this dog a Scottish terrier. For many years the phrase 'Scottish terrier' related to any of several terrier breeds which originated in Scotland, including West HIghland, Skye, Cairn and Aberdeen terriers. This dog is probably a Skye or Cairn terrier.

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From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales

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  1. pinguin1961 18 months ago | reply

    Really sweet and beautiful!


  2. sue1000000 16 months ago | reply

    Surely this is Chewbacca as a Puppy ?

  3. excellentzebu1050 15 months ago | reply

    ooo So sweet so Lovely Beautiful Sweet


  4. spelio 15 months ago | reply

    See a useful link to the Australian Geographic Magazines story of Australian dogs..

  5. Les grands espaces... 15 months ago | reply

    Une magnifique photo...extraordinaire...
    C'est d'une grande beauté...
    C'est la bonté humaine... et aussi la bonté animale...

  6. Angela Argueta 13 months ago | reply

    Cute dog and cute girl! I love them!

  7. lifetoheryears 10 months ago | reply

    My name is Michael Mitchell and I'm in the process of publishing a book similar to my blog ( This picture of yours would be a perfect fit for one particular page and I was wondering if I might have your permission to use it in print. If you'd be willing to give me permission, will you comment here or email me at michael @ lifetoheryears DOT com so I can send you more information?

    Thanks in advance for considering this.

    All the best,

    Michael Mitchell

  8. State Library of New South Wales collection 10 months ago | reply

    Hi Michael, The photograph is out of copyright and you can use it. Please acknowledge it as : Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales. We would appreciate it if you went to our website and filled out a permissions form, however. Good luck with your book!

  9. kundu.anupam77 5 months ago | reply

    can i use this on my website?

  10. State Library of New South Wales collection 5 months ago | reply

    Dear Anupam Kundu, yes you may use the photograph on your website. All pre-1955 photographs in our collection are out of copyright. We would appreciate you saying the photo is State Library of New South Wales on your website. RW

  11. z krane 4 months ago | reply

    That is most certainly an Australian Terrier.

  12. melrick72 4 months ago | reply

    Now that's a cute picture!

  13. State Library of New South Wales collection 4 months ago | reply

    Dog lovers have told us that this is a cairn terrier (unclipped!) The Australian terrier has softer, shorter silky fur RW

  14. z krane 4 months ago | reply

    As the owner of two aussies myself, I can attest to the coat's wiry constitution. It could be a Cairn I suppose... I will permit that ;)

    Flickr won't let me put a link in this post, thinking it spam - but found some images on a google search of an unkempt aussie - though still hard to find a pic ungroomed.

    (but still the owner has groomed their ears, hair short)

    The shorter fur is typical of the style of grooming the Aussies get, tried to find a pic of one who's owner had let the hair grow naturally. But typically the hair is plucked short on the face, back and tail.

  15. lace.mateo 4 weeks ago | reply

    It's a great photograph.

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