Mortuary Railway Station c.1865

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No.1 Mortuary Railway station, Rookwood Cemetery - Funeral Train in Station
Dated: c. 31/12/1865
Digital ID: 17420_a014_a014000306

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  1. beachcomberaustralia 71 months ago | reply

    How was this dated at 1865?

    See similar carriages in a Powerhouse Museum photo:

  2. State Records NSW 71 months ago | reply

    The photograph had been dated by StateRail before the collection was transferred to State Records from the StateRail archives. That is the date we put in our catalogue. However we do acknowledge that Rookwood No.1 Station did not officially open until 1869.

  3. beachcomberaustralia 71 months ago | reply

    Thanks State Records NSW - that might help date the Powerhouse photo.

  4. spelio 62 months ago | reply

    One of these stations ended up in Canberra as a church!


    Is this not the same one? Or is this image reversed!! It can happen some times!

    see also

  5. State Records NSW 62 months ago | reply

    Hi Spelio

    Yes the station was moved stone by stone to Canberra in 1957. The following link has an image showing the bell tower on the left like in our image
    Not sure how to explain the difference in appearance. It's a mystery!

  6. spelio 62 months ago | reply

    The train number is No7 and is not reversed, so looks like the builders may have thought, "Lets erect it mirror imaged in Canberra!"

  7. beachcomberaustralia 55 months ago | reply

    I always found this photo a bit spooky, and I think I have found why - the decoration inside the gothic arches makes a dark outline like a monk in a cowl, or the Grim Reaper.

  8. mort subite 44 months ago | reply

    The building was re-erected and modified considerably to fit the location in Ainsley.
    ie: The bell tower was swapped, the doorway sealed up, and the external arch with the two angels was installed an an internal arch over the alter and the internal undecorated arch was placed externally.. etc.Sadly much of the original detail was lost in its adaptive re-use.

  9. State Records NSW 43 months ago | reply

    Thanks for this info, noticed these differences (comment above).


  10. beachcomberaustralia 35 months ago | reply

    The church in Ainslie, ACT -

  11. Sydney Heritage 35 months ago | reply

    "...The single station on the branch line when it opened was called Haslem's Creek Cemetery. Its name was changed to Necropolis prior to 1872 and changed again to Mortuary General Cemetery on 16th July 1897. It was then changed to Cemetery Station No 1 15th June 1908 when the Roman Catholic Platform, which had been opened on 31st December 1901, had its name changed to Cemetery Station No 2. Mortuary Station No 3, which opened on 26th May 1897, became known as Mortuary Terminus two months later. Its name was changed to Cemetery Station No. 3 in June 1908 to create uniformity between the station names within the cemetery.

    The line's name was changed to the Rookwood branch line on 1st January 1914. No trace remains of it today except for the points and a short section of track that led to the cemetery line beyond Lidcombe station. The No. 1 Mortuary Station was constructed in 1864 and remained in use as the main station until the line's closure in December 1948. It was used as a chapel until 1958 when a fire gutted its interior. The Gothic-style building was then dismantled and re-erected stone by stone in Canberra as All Saints Anglican Church in the parish of Ainslie . The Redfern Mortuary Terminal, Regent Street, Redfern, from which trains left the city on their journey to Rookwood, was opened in 1869 and closed simultaneously with No 1 Mortuary Station at Rookwood Cemetery. St Paul's Anglican Church (which is today The Greek Orthodox Church), 242 Cleveland Street, Redfern, was the church where Anglican funeral services were held prior to the departure of funeral trains from the nearby Mortuary Station..."

  12. beachcomberaustralia 28 months ago | reply

    A version of this photo has turned up on the CCUN stream. I am very confused as to which and where is the original original ?!!

    PS - Date is more likely 1871. See others on the series.

  13. myhappypenguin 28 months ago | reply

    Im guessing Railways got a print from the GPO which ended up with ARHS which they scanned.

    State Records may have the original glass plate from the GPO Collection ?

  14. john cowper 6 weeks ago | reply

    I remember visiting the church soon after it was consecrated with my parents. I must visit it again next time I'm in Canberra! Of course the railway no longer serves Rookwood Cemetery. In all there were four railway stations in the necropolis - named Mortuary Stations No 1, 2, 3 and 4!
    More information here:

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