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EDITORIAL ABOUT CRIME-Taking a BITE out of it! | by Star Cat
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RANT! If you break into my apartment, I am not held responsible about what will happen to you.


Yesterday, there were 2 day time robberies in my neighborhood on my block. I, myself, was robbed a few years ago. IN THE DAY TIME.


Listen up all you scumbag thieves. We do not HAVE ANYTHING OF WORTH. No really, our jewelry? Beautiful costume jewelry. (when I was robbed they went through my jewelry and didn't take anything. heeheee) Our TV's? 27 inches at the max..not HD, mind you. If we HAVE anything of worth, it is on us. AKA, laptop is with me. Camera? With me. What we have at home is books (I have some good signed first editions but you wouldn't know because you as thieves are IDIOTS), old DVD's, VHS tapes of X-File and Buffy episodes (again, much too clever for you) and stuff that means something to us and only us. Ireland vacation photos. Grass clumps pulled from a European cemetery. DO NOT ROB US unless you can pawn cemetery grass. Can you? I DON'T THINK SO. Two years ago you stole a great Nikon 35mm camera and a cheap digital camera. That's all your got from me, you losers. My laptop? WITH ME. My Ipod? WITH ME. My money? WITH ME. Leave us apartment dwellers alone. We rent, you losers! WE RENT! We do not have equity (okay, that kind of made me laugh) Oh, you could steal all my REM stuff and make quite a lot of money on EBay.


AND the neighborhood nosey Mrs. Cravitz type (from Bewtiched) that is our neighbor...WHERE WAS SHE DURING THIS? She stays at home all day and knows everyone's business. Where, when we need her the most, is she?


I'm angry, can you tell?

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Uploaded on July 22, 2010