2019 JAN- Remagen Memorial Ceremony
January 17, 2019
Fort Bliss, Texas

11th Air Defense Artillery, Imperial Brigade, held a rededication ceremony of the Remagen Memorial.

The Remagen Memorial features an important artifact retrieved from the Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen, Germany. This bridge provided the passage of over 25,000 troops and thousands of military vehicles over the course of 10 days across enemy lines and into Germany during World War II.
The Germany Peace Museum and Memorial now resides near the bridge's remains in the town of Remagen, and it commemorates the Soldiers and Aviators of both sides that fought in the Battle of Remagen and during the days to follow. It also stands as a reminder of how fragile peace can be and how the efforts of these brave service members should not soon be forgotten nor forsaken.
The motto of the Museum reads:
"Every day let us work for peace with our mind and heart. Each person should begin with himself"
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