APRIL 2017- AUSA Awards Banquet
April 20, 2017
Fort Bliss, Texas
Centennial Banquet Center

The Omar Bradley Chapter of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
38th Annual Leadership Awards Banquet

CSM Lance Lehr (R), Chapter President, and special guest BG Mark Landes, DCG-S, 1AD, presented the following awards:

Active Component Company Grade Officer
CPT Andrew Faulkner, 1/1 AD

Active Component Noncommissioned Officer
SFC Byron Hale, 2ABCT

Department of Defense Civilian
Mr. Everett Duis, Garrison

Fort Bliss Family of the Year
LTC Christopher and Carrie Hormel, JTFN

Brandley Chapter Corporate Member of the Year
Sunland Park Automotive

LTG Jack Costello Outstanding Citizen of the Year
Mr. Robert T. Burns

Special Recognition
SGT Kevin Gron, Bravo Battery, 2nd ADA
Saving the lives of three in a vehicle that was flipped over and submerged in a ditch.

Once you put on the camouflage uniform of the U.S. Army, you are always a soldier, whether you are at home station, deployed or on vacation. Sgt. Kevin Gron, a soldier with a Fort Bliss THAAD battery, demonstrated that with his decisive and courageous actions during Christmas break while vacationing in Michigan.
READ MORE OF HIS STORY: www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/military/ft-bliss/2017/02/...
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