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How recipes should look

Every once in an admittedly long while, I get to cook. Since the recipe to successful cooking is to actually understand the recipes, I figured I'd "write" them down the way that makes the most sense to me.


Since this chart is spreading around, a quick FAQ:


- this is barely more than a proof of concept. I think it needs a separate list of ingredients, and some actual text for basic description of the intended result. The chart alone is probably not helpful enough for really complicated recipes. I'd buy a cookbook like that, though (better yet, someone rip this off and send me a signed copy :p ).


- You're on your own if you want to try those recipes. ;) Still, I should point out that the tomatoes need to be ripe. The intended end result is a thick sauce, not a fricassée, as I ended up with because I used tomatoes way too firm. The egplant is best cooked in a pressure cooker. 10 minutes and you'll get something soft enough so you can easily peel the skin off.


- The first reason I made this was so I had a visual reminder that I could put on my iPad. In the end, said iPad was hogged by my guests all night (woe is the early adopter!)


- original recipes are creole french (see map)



icons lifted from eponas-deeway, Wikimedia, Farmville, iconseeker.com, iconspedia.com, wariolandshakeit.com

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