Yay, Family Love! For Mom and Dad

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'Yay, Family Love! For Mom and Dad' viewLarge_On Black
Dedicated to my parents, and the warm playful nourishing love they had for each other, us children, and their fellow humans regardless of race, religion or creed.
Their anniversary would have been this month... and I hear their love for me singing in the wind.....

wow, I am honored... this is #21 in Explore tonight at 10:30pm PST April 26, 2007... the highest any of my photos have gotten,and I take that as honors to my beloved parents, Claude and Nina.
Dad passed away at age 88 on Thanksgiving Day 1996, after a full day with his large family sharing dinner. He died in my arms, on his bed, with mom beside us. Mom passed away at age 90 on November 7, 2003, holding the hands of two of her children (me and my bro) and surrounded by grandkids and greatgrandkids singing her favorite Hymn, "I Am A Child Of God" . The end of an era, it feels... they were some of the old timers who came into the world in the days of horse and buggy, kerosene lamps and home made soap, and then left the world in the age of computers and cell phones in every pocket. Claude and Nina were some of the greats... full of love, stopping along the road to help strangers, and accepting many lost children into their own home to find sanctuary.

I want to thank all of you for invites, faves, comments and views... for helping me to honor my parents in front of the world. Sometimes I feel so rootless myself, unstable...and my work and my photos have helped me to find peace. THank all of you for your part in that.

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  3. Anguskirk 48 months ago | reply

    Great capture

  4. Paula Ka 47 months ago | reply

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  6. ella_cat 46 months ago | reply

    so adoarable great shot <3

  7. Vupy 46 months ago | reply

    love love love

  8. tropicalart77 (Tammy Dial Gray) 45 months ago | reply

    I really enjoy the contests at the Sparkle Group. They are a lot of fun. Right now, there is a contest with the theme of "Brown and Blue" and it would be awesome if you would add this photo and join in the fun.

  9. roughwingedone 42 months ago | reply


    I was actually wondering if I could use this image for a tattoo I am getting this winter and on my website. We are a small organic farm.



  10. punk_luvin_chick25 42 months ago | reply

    aww this picturee is so gorgeous..and i really love horsess too

  11. zirigema 42 months ago | reply

    wonderful horses

  12. Ingrid0804 41 months ago | reply

    Questa foto è molto bella,
    l'ho vista nel nostro gruppo
    That's amore!!!



  13. cowgirlrightup 39 months ago | reply

    I found LOVE over here :)))))))))))))))))))

  14. ctfy 18 months ago | reply

    wonderful photos and stream <3

  15. Bluesrose 9 months ago | reply

    so lovely scene
    beautiful dedication!

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