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Rock Star Hairdo

Thanks to petrichor, urtica, and Wontolla65 I now know this is a SweetGum tree! I never would have guessed... as it is not local at all. So gorgeous! and whacky! Growing in a Walmart Parking lot in Hood River, Oregon.


from urtica (Jenn is a delightful person who is quite knowedgable in the plant world and loves bugs) we learn " typically it's sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua, Hamamelidaceae family) if it's planted in the US."


from Wontolla65 we learn further (after all Jaap is a retired Biology teacher) :

It is an indiginous tree of the eastern part of the USA , mainly the extreem SW, Florida and has the most wonderful colors in autumn. These days it is planted in the west and in many parks here in Holland too, because of that color richness.

important timbertree , second in production only to oaks among the hardwood. Used for cabinetwork, veneer, plywood, barrels and boxes. In the early days the gum was used medicinally and aswell as chewing gum


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Uploaded on October 30, 2007