this is why a watchmen movie is a bad idea

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    1. Melissa M Baker 78 months ago | reply

      shit dudes, i was being sarcastic.
      damn these computers!

    2. (ToT) Auriea 78 months ago | reply


      seriously, i never thought i'd see the day when Watchmen gets namechecked on popular television shows. what a world.

    3. stanleylieber 78 months ago | reply

      well, watchmen will soon be a major motion picture. the simpson's is nothing if not a major venue for product placement.

    4. godownmatthew 78 months ago | reply

      i don't understand the point of the movie at all, besides money. it's going to be bad because it's a story that references comic history and 80s politics; i'm pretty sure they can't put that in the film.
      i do however completely understand the point of watchmen babies because it would be awesome and it worked for the muppets (and x men? and every japanese cartoon).

    5. REDvsBLUErooster_teeth 72 months ago | reply

      I agree with stanleylieber

    6. the_slinger91 70 months ago | reply

      you guys are idiots. A watchmen movie is going to be amaizing. I am sick and tired of people that try to compare books to movies and movies to books. They are two different mediums of entertainment and they will never be the same. Just enjoy the movie, and if it sucks then you still have an amaizing Graphic Novel to enjoy.
      The movie will in no way make the novel any worse. Quit your Fan Boy Bitchn', its gonna be awsome.

    7. stanleylieber 70 months ago | reply

      The only thing more idiotic than bitching about a movie adaptation of a comic book is bitching about bitching about a movie adaptation of a comic book. In the immortal words of John Byrne, "Why are you even here?"

    8. Removethatnow 70 months ago | reply

      i hate fanboy bitching to but you are wrong. the case of watchmen is completely different as it was made as a comic book for a specific reason. the making of a film adaptation is pointless and uneccasary. oh sure it might be 100% faithful visually and stylistically to the original, but then why not just READ THE ORIGINAL?
      its not like the comic was some sort of rough visual draft for a higher art form (a movie) to be made but was made into a comic instead because of whatever limitations. the concept of a watchmen movie is completely presumptious and is just another good example of hollywoods running out of ideas

    9. stanleylieber 70 months ago | reply

      Also, this isn't a math problem you can prove. I think the very idea of attempting to translate WATCHMEN into a movie is stupid. That said, I still plan to see it. Especially after being impressed by the trailer.

    10. godsend_ny 69 months ago | reply

      I guess Alan Moore, the man who doesn't want his work made into movies because he feels it sells out the original material, is himself a sellout for being on The Simpsons in that episode. Hmm.

    11. stanleylieber 69 months ago | reply

      I don't think appearing as himself in a cartoon show is the same thing as needlessly transplanting works that are so inextricably bound to the comics medium into Hollywood films. I've found that most of the objections to Moore's attitude problem don't actually address his positions, but instead target phantom pretensions that Alan Moore never even advanced.

      The real question is, why hasn't DC Comics honored the spirit of the original WATCHMEN contract?

      Or the V FOR VENDETTA contract?

      Or the Wildstorm contract?

      It's telling that comics fans would rather throw stones at Alan Moore than concern themselves with the ethics of an industry that still implements boilerplate "work for hire" as a standard operating procedure, and leverages the established normalcy of that arrangement to muscle their way around any contractual obligations to their talent.

    12. godsend_ny 69 months ago | reply

      You began an argument by posting the picture of Watchmen Babies stating that is why Watchmen shouldn't be a movie. The entire premise of that picture you posted was arguing your point. To decry the Simpsons as pure commercialism and not understand that they are making the same point , hence Moore's response in the show when that comic book is presented to him, seems to have escaped you.

      Everyone has their own sacred cows that they never want to see violated and I appreciate Moore's stance as well as all of the fans of Watchmen, I too was skeptical of the film. I also understand that as such an iconic property that Watchmen is, DC is going to try to capitalize on that, because DC is a business. From what I have read on the journey of Watchmen's to the theaters, it seems to now at least be in the hands of a true fan who is not going to try and mangle it, and based on the trailer and what other information I have seen, he is doing a respectable job.

      Besides, Moore chooses not to profit from the film and is signing his royalties over to the artist, which is commendable on his end for standing by his beliefs.

      I appreciate the dialogue and don't wish to try and change your mind on the film. I just wanted to state that the bile toward the picture you have posted is misguided. Thank you.

    13. stanleylieber 69 months ago | reply

      your attempts to 1.) tell the audience what it thinks, and 2.) steer the audience's perceptions are unnecessary. your interpretation of my position and the motivations that inform it are incorrect. my opinion is that WATCHMEN should not be made into a film -- period. that's a personal preference and it's not something you can invalidate with facts and figures. i don't care if the film is a perfect adaption of the comic book -- and i am planning to go see it -- i simply wish it wasn't being made at all. my post here on flickr is an expression of that preference, not a challenge to your own viewpoints as expressed above. it's fine with me if the film seems like a good idea to you.

      on why your interpretation of the statement made by my original post is wrong:

      television is the end result of all commercial video media. a film exists in its original context for a short time compared to its eternal existence as content for the small screen. the re-contextualization of WATCHMEN the graphic novel into WATCHMEN the worldwide cable tv premiere into WATCHMEN the late night cable tv staple into WATCHMEN the tv event vivisected by thirty second ad spots into WATCHMEN the late saturday afternoon filler degausses the symbolic resonance of its themes. this is inevitable for any classic story, but i don't welcome the process in the case of this particular comic book. it's reasonable for a fan of the original work who experienced it prior to this transformation to lament the degaussing even as it's taking place.

    14. stanleylieber 69 months ago | reply


      this thread reminds me of the scenes in William Gibson's PATTERN RECOGNITION wherein certain characters describe being paid to talk up various consumer products at hip night clubs.

    15. godsend_ny 69 months ago | reply

      And again, as I stated, I am not trying to convince you the movie is a good idea I am simply trying to state the catalyst for your argument is, in reality, making the same point as you.

      One of your original statements above was that The Simpsons is nothing, if not a major product placement venue, is off base in this instance because they are in no way trying to promote the movie, that is what I am challenging.

      Regardless of your viewpoint, the fact is, and I know you said you don't want to hear facts, is that The Simpsons has been a bastion for all things pop culture since its inception. From the broad to the esoteric, they have made many references to many different things, and when someone sees something they recognized they feel it is now too commercial.

      And I would gladly take a check for 1/10 of what the voice actors on The Simpsons get for one episode to continue this conversation.

      Again, the dialogue is fun and I am not trying to change your mind on the movie, I got ya on that, especially after seeing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, just trying to set the record straight on the context of the picture and your perception that it has somehow tainted Watchmen now.

    16. godownmatthew 69 months ago | reply

      i still want watchmen babies.

    17. stanleylieber 69 months ago | reply

      you will be first up against the wall.

    18. James Stamboni [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

      I am a classical figure painter who grew up on comics, and though i enjoyed the movie I came in understanding it was not the Watchmen Movie, it was the Watchmen tribute movie. In the end it suffers from the same basic issue so intrinsic in taking a photograph of a painting. A medium specific work cannot be translated into another medium and retain it's power

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