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Kartini working in the studio of Nyoman Mandra, photo by Siobhan Campbell

Ni Wayan Kartini, Balinese Artist

Kartini, born in 1948, is an experienced colourist. She began to paint after marrying into the Banjar Sangging district in Kamasan village from the neighbouring village of Gelgel. Her late husband, Made Mandra was a silversmith who produced bowls and other vessels used in religious ceremonies. Kartini has four children, three of whom also paint but are not full time artists.


Kartini often works in the studio of the accomplished artist Nyoman Mandra, where as many as ten female colourists may be employed at any time on the production of commissioned paintings. Paintings often result from a group or a communal effort. Like many other colourists Kartini produces her own paintings at home. For her paintings she acquires the primed cloth and engages one of the local artists to make the initial sketch, usually a black pencil or charcoal outline on the cloth. Then she applies the colours, the final black ink outline and other finishing touches before polishing the completed painting with a cowrie shell.


Siobhan Campbell generously provided biographical information and photos of Kartini.


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Taken on August 9, 2010