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I should have thought twice before trying to attack the troops in the toy room.

Toybox Anarchy for Flickr Group Roulette.


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  1. worldwide1 83 months ago | reply

    Hilariousness in its entertainment.

  2. basiljonez (moving on) [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

    yes, you should have! They're armed to the teeth!!

  3. pasukaru76 83 months ago | reply

    You're doomed! :)

  4. Yarny Old Kim 83 months ago | reply

    Modern day Gullivers Travels.
    I can only imagine the horror if my son's professional wrestler action figures decided to attack.

  5. Tiffany Findley 83 months ago | reply

    oh I love this! Great perspective

  6. ChernobylBob 83 months ago | reply

    Ha! Awesome idea and perspective. I was disappointed that my own lack of toys prevented me from playing, so have decided I need to buy some for next time...

  7. andvic 83 months ago | reply

    that's quite funny like the scale and perspective of your shot

  8. Misty May( Trying hard to keep up with you all.) 83 months ago | reply

    Ha! HA! Wonderful This is such a fun capture!

  9. sherrYgibsoN~here & there... 83 months ago | reply

    Super cute!!!! Love the socks and the chucks...

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  10. ~ cynthiak ~ 83 months ago | reply

    The old bike lock trick!! Funny!!

  11. pixelmama 83 months ago | reply

    So darned funny! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!! This is so creative! I have plenty of toys around my house (one is NEVER too old for toys) ... but they have been neglected of late. I should check on them to see what sort of anarchy they've been up to!!

    *The Chuck's Rock*
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  12. *TLM* 83 months ago | reply

    totally LOL :)

  13. Nerboo [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

    Death to the Empire!

  14. Fireweed in Alaska 83 months ago | reply

    You have been captured! Good luck getting out of that one. :)

  15. Chad Plohal 83 months ago | reply

    That angle is awesome, this is really funny :)
    Looks great in bw too by the way!

  16. BeliM 83 months ago | reply

    perfect conversion!
    love the proportions!

  17. h3ather 83 months ago | reply

    And this is why you should always have toys around! Wait. Maybe this is why you *shouldn't* have toys around. :)


  18. eweliyi 83 months ago | reply

    they got you, you need to give up! :)

  19. AThingForHotShoes 83 months ago | reply

    Love it. Great perspective

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