Sen. Hillary Clinton

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    1. GG1958 86 months ago | reply

      Hillary should be the comming President of the USA. She is perfect for this position. Good luck for her.

    2. grace222 86 months ago | reply

      Hillary has been throught alot in her life, yet she still strong. I think that proves that she will be a good president. I agree that election is about solution not about feelings, and gender. We need to have someone who has the experiences like her and as strong as her to to lead the country at this moment when country is experiencing the economic down turn and the war at Iraq

    3. (aykayayciti) 86 months ago | reply

      Are you serious? apparently you have never seen the Clinton Chronicles, or heard of Whitewater and why is Hillary Clinton not releasing her tax returns? don't even try to compare shadiness. Bill and Hill Clinton are two of the shadiest people on earth? She said she's too busy running a campaign to release her tax returns, but she has time to go on SNL, wow. Maybe running the country is too much for her if she's to busy to get some papers and show them to the public. if that's too much for her how can she possibly run a country? Go check out the Clinton Chronicles and tell me again how decent a person she is compared to Obama. Oh and did you forget these are the same Clintons who rented out the Lincoln Bedroom like the White House was a hotel.... she is disgusting. And, all the things Barack Obama could say and bring up about her, he doesn't. He just speaks about he hope in America. He could bring up that Cho guy whenever she brings up Rezko. Funny everything that the Hill Camp is going on about Obama she is twice as guilty herself. go check the Clinton Chronicles then get back to me.

    4. (aykayayciti) 86 months ago | reply

      Now that she won Rhode Island, Ohio and possibly Texas maybe she has time now to release her tax return papers hmmm

    5. ynginvester 86 months ago | reply

      Yeah we need to see those tax returns. 1977 is the year I'd like to see. I would like to know the details about the cattle contracts she sold in 1977. That is a possible financial crime. Clinton Chronicles? I of all people have never seen that. I'll have to buy a copy

      By the way grace222... you say that she has been through alot. (Vince Foster and Monica Lewinski) I dont think that she was nearly as upset about Monica as people think. She was a swinger! Bill knew about her affairs and she knew about his. A whitness saw them having orgies in the governor's mansion in Arkansas and he saw them swinging in a restauraunt. She was making out with foster and bill was making out with his girlfriend. That whitness never got sued for deframation either. He almost sued her for calling him a name. Speaking of suing the president. They got sued right and left during their last administration. They got sued 3 times.

      Dont get me wrong. Im sure she was a little upset about monica. Im sure she slapped him and called him a pig but I doubt that she cried for days or anything like that. I think that she was more embarrased than angry. I think that she was just mad because he got caught.

    6. DerrickT 85 months ago | reply

      I am hoping and truly, truly, truly praying that she doesn't win the presidency (which I'm highly-doubting anyhow!). She is pure communist and this country is in huge trouble if she wins, as well as Obama!

    7. Vox Massive 84 months ago | reply

      It is a sure enjoyment to read all the positive remarks this photo compelled from flickr users. :)

    8. white_soka 84 months ago | reply

      From Bali, Indonesia I do support Hillary to be American president.... go... go... Hillary, everybody needs you be the president, you might change world's face to be more cool...... its not like today world likes fire......... dont worry Hillary you have talent to be a leader, you are smart, close to GOD, love family and other.... then keeping ready to be American president, to lead your country and this world...... I am wating you in Bali.............

    9. photoyear2008 83 months ago | reply

      This photo may qualify for the 2008 PhotoYear issue. If interested, please visit:

    10. nonnka 80 months ago | reply

      Great photo!

    11. tsam.potter 79 months ago | reply

      I wish her to be our President

    12. DerrickT 79 months ago | reply

      Why? She's pure communist!

    13. MattInVA2006 79 months ago | reply

      So all that said . . . . what's with Obama stonewalling former PA Attorney General Philip Berg (democrat!)??
      The latest, re Berg's lawsuit against Obama can be seen here.
      Why won't he release his records?
      What's he hiding?

    14. zoe-delay 77 months ago | reply

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    15. rosewithoutathorn84 67 months ago | reply

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    16. paintview 64 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Paradise by the photographers light, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    17. kimberlyjones 55 months ago | reply

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