Kaweah Oaks Preserve
Kaweah Oaks Preserve, a 322-acre nature preserve, protects one of the last remaining valley oak riparian forests in the San Joaquin Valley. When visiting Kaweah Oaks Preserve, we can imagine how this area looked before it was settled 100 years ago. More than 300 plant and animal species live, feed or reproduce at the nature preserve, including gray fox, great horned owl, Nuttall's woodpecker, wild grapevines, willow thickets and majestic valley oaks.

In 1983, concerned local citizens who realized the biological value of this enchanting land convinced The Nature Conservancy to help purchase it for protection. Ten years later, The Nature Conservancy transferred the preserve title to a local conservation organization, the Four Creeks Land Trust, which later merged with two other land trusts to form Sequoia Riverlands Trust. SRT manages Kaweah Oaks Preserve for research, livestock grazing, youth education and public enjoyment.
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