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Just a quick one from Japan.


I was going through my old files just before I left and found this one. For some reason - don't ask me why, I don't have a clue - I shot this at f/2.8. As a result the DOF is very shallow and I'd prefer to see more. Shutter speed was 1/320, so that shouldn't have been the problem. Must have been the cold that shut my brain down.


My initial reaction was to throw the shot away, but then I realized that I often think that we (the serious photographers) tend to overanalyze our images, especially in a technical way. The fact that I, or any other photographer, would prefer more DOF (or more contrast, or more sharpness, etc.) in an image does not mean that magazines, newspapers, stock agencies, print buyers or friends and family members feel the same way. The more specialized or professional you become, the more obsessed you get with the small details, details other (normal :-) ) people might not even notice. Just a reminder to not overanalyze my images to death.


Anyway, I like the reflection, the pose and the snow flakes (especially the combination of the latter two) - so it will go into my selections folder, despite the shallow DOF.


Looking forward to meeting these guys again in a few days.


Greetings from sunny Tokyo!


[D2X, AF-S VR 70-200/2.8, 1/320 @ f/2.8, ISO 400, handheld]


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Taken on February 10, 2011