Google search results for "KH(Ax)N" for x=1 to 100

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    Just how long do most people hold down the 'a' key for, anyway? It drops off at 13 ("KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!") but picks up a little at 40 ("KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!).

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    1. J-ENGINE 86 months ago | reply

      That is priceless!

    2. NikLP 86 months ago | reply

      So much awesome. So much.

    3. Ian Lacy 86 months ago | reply

      Full of absolute win.

    4. pinguino 86 months ago | reply

      hahah awesome!

    5. flashman 86 months ago | reply

      @Jim Finnis That's an interesting comparison of how far this meme has come in a little over four years!

      @mikejurney 99 and 100 were zero, but Excel won't plot zeroes on a logarithmic scale, and when I copied them they came out blank. Oops!

      @drtofu I've long since accepted that with this many people in the world, most of my good ideas have already been thought of.

      @dennis, @Lawrence Kesteloot Sweet graphs :)

    6. flashman 86 months ago | reply

      Oh, and as someone has pointed out elsewhere, this chart is now completely out of date as a result of it having been created :D

    7. Ethan Goldman 86 months ago | reply

      Can you re-run the search script to see how much it has changed? Perhaps put it on a cron job and run it daily, then animate the results?

      Only as a way of proving the "TMFT" theorem, of course.

    8. mr.beaver 86 months ago | reply

      interesting, awesome idea!

    9. Thiefree 86 months ago | reply

      This is really something special haha awesome.

    10. the Dragonweaver 86 months ago | reply

      Submit this to Graphjam!

    11. PicturesOfEverydayLife 86 months ago | reply

      I'll add my utterly pointless link. I did this awhile back for "poop".

      The Long Tail of Poop

    12. Eliotf 86 months ago | reply

      this is incredible

    13. ashlisisk 86 months ago | reply

      this makes all those years of math classes I thought I would never use totally worth while.
      <3 this graph

    14. Puddleglum- 85 months ago | reply

      Heisenberg principle!

    15. Rush Nerd 82 months ago | reply



    16. kosso 61 months ago | reply


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