Zambia - Kasanka National Park
Kasanka National Park his peaceful sanctuary, situated on the south western edge of the Lake Bangweulu basin, is one of Zambia's smallest national parks. It's 450 km2 however, are so well endowed with rivers, lakes, wetlands, forests, lagoons, meadows and dambos that it supports a wide range of animals - including Baum's Bee-eaters and Yellow Baboons, which are unique to the area.

Between October and December each year, about 10 million Straw-colored Fruit Bats descend into a tiny patch of evergreen swamp forest inside Kasanka National Park, Northern Zambia. This natural phenomenon, unique only to Kasanka is an incredible spectacle to witness as the skies become literally filled with these large bats, with a wing span of nearly a meter.

Each evening they head out to feed on the abundant fruit trees in the area and at dawn they return to the small forest to roost in a huge concentration. Bats fly out after sunset to feed in the surrounding fruit trees over night. The best place to view the bats is form the elevated platforms build in the trees at the edge of the "bat forest."
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