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lies! lies! lies!

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In this article about a (mute) swan that I found in a rubbish free paper that someone had left on a rain sodden table outside a Manchester bar, the interviewee claims to hear the sound of quacking outside. However, swans don't quack on account they are swans and not ducks so someone is lying and I don't like it one bit. Needless to say I am furious.

  1. andyrock 117 months ago | reply

    sincere question: what would you say the noise a swan makes is, if not a quack?

    [edit] a honk?

  2. Ice Nine 117 months ago | reply

    Swans hiss...

    Snakes hiss...

    Squacco squawks!

  3. dipfan 117 months ago | reply

    Busy news day in Manchester then.

  4. Buster Pickles 117 months ago | reply

    get it???

    FOWL play???

    they spelled it to mean something ELSE!


    that is so clever.

  5. Buster Pickles 117 months ago | reply

    it also said it waddled.

    i thought only ducks and fat people waddle.

  6. kel1 117 months ago | reply


  7. Mr Squiddle 117 months ago | reply

    this might possibly be my fave page in all of the internets :)

  8. nonky 117 months ago | reply

    "Police used their jack-"

    boots? :(

    "to guide the bird to..."

  9. squacco 117 months ago | reply

    @andyrock: Wikipedia describes it as a "gutteral warning call" (not that you should believe anything you read there either)

  10. squacco 117 months ago | reply

    I love swans, I think they're cuddly.

    Jack realises he's met his match

  11. dr_loplop 117 months ago | reply

    Mute swans don't make any noise -- they're mute!

    Ah, the perils of UGC

  12. dr_loplop 117 months ago | reply

    *stumbles through the dark with an oversized bucket of popcorn*

  13. ibikenz 117 months ago | reply

    I'm concerned about Squacco standing around in the rain outside bars.

  14. dr_loplop 117 months ago | reply

    Give me a mute swan over a pink flamingo any day.

  15. bootsartemis 117 months ago | reply

    I have looked upon those brill creatures,
    and now my heart is sore,
    All’s changed since I, on Whitworth Street,
    stumbled through the dark while it rained buckets
    in my oversized bell-bottoms, now mute,
    I who used to be so cute and cool
    waddle with the swans at poole.

  16. andyrock 116 months ago | reply

    hmmm, i'm not sure about a 'gutteral warning call'. we have some swans very near me and they flew over the other night and it was a distinct 'honking' i could hear from them. bah, wikipedia!

  17. Jackie Cardy (dogdaisy92) 82 months ago | reply

    Maybe it was the policemen who were quacking.

  18. dr_loplop 82 months ago | reply

    you mean the bill?

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