Penis Cybernetique/チンボーグ
The project draws inspiration from Open Prosthetics (, a movement to make designs of prosthetics (which are currently mostly commercial and expensive) accessible and open source. It seems logical to think that the design of something so immediate - our body- could be accessible and modifiable by ourselves, but how will those designs evolve outside of science, medicine and military? How will the amateur culture manifest in the design of bodies, will we begin to see prosthetics designed for extremely personal uses, for comfort, obsession, crime, sleaze, curiosity and pleasure?

Penis Cybernétique is a process of myself, a 23 year old student, mixed Japanese/British, 173cm height, designing a prosthetic simply to fulfill my own curiosity: "What does it feel like to have an extra body part (in this case - penis) which reacts to my emotions?"

In collaboration with scientists from Imperial College and University of Reading, a motorised pseudo-penis which moves up and down based on my heartrate was designed, built, worn and tested. Will my new body part make myself act differently? Will I get a phantom limb afterwards? Will other people try my designs? What does it mean for an amateur to 'open source' her body?

All resulting code and designs were made public and open.

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Project presented & published at:
'Objects of Desire from Japan' by Agnes Giard, publisher: Glénat (FR) 2009
'Cybernetic Love' presentation at DMY Design Symposium, Berlin 2009
'Cybernetic Love' presentation at Pechakucha Berlin 2009
Special Lecture at Kyoto Zokei University of Arts, Japan 2009
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