The Eighth Pain of Christmas

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    The eighth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me,


    Call the waaambulance.

    It's interesting how our brains interpret images of people. We instantly know something's wrong when a baby has a small head or a grown man has a huge head. I made my ears and nose smaller (those grow bigger and bigger every year through your 70s), eyes bigger, and head bigger.

    When I took Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, you learn that the head and brain stem are the first thing to develop, doesn't matter whether it's a baby or a chick or a squirrel. I think we automatically have that "aww, cute baby" response, and it's funny because even if you're not a Biology major like I am, you can still tell when something's a baby.

    They teach you in drawing class that to draw a baby, you must make the body length only 3 heads long, whereas an adult would have a height of 10-11 heads.

    I hope I'm not one of those parents one day that lets my spoiled brat have anything they want.

    You can't really see unless in the large size, but I'm crying -- profusely (thanks, synthetic tears!).


    Bare strobe cam right, bare kicker behind and above me, cam left.

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    1. La hija de la lagrima 85 months ago | reply

      jaja love the expresion!

    2. gooffey 85 months ago | reply

      sweet image mate! the tears are awesome, and i get your thought

    3. St-Even 85 months ago | reply

      great expression, and nice job with the lighting

    4. Jane Zeta K. Bond 84 months ago | reply

      "Biology? Wow!!! THAT WAS AN INTERESTING SUBJECT FOR AN MAT Science major like me in School of Advanced Education....

      Babies got their DNA from their parents according to the genes being inherited... if the mother has a disease transferred to the baby carried in her womb, the baby will have abnormalities with accordance to the medicine being intake nor the father being with from their historical resemblance..."-Donnabella C. Deapera

    5. Buddy Stone 84 months ago | reply

      perfect for a vasectomy advertisement

    6. pyxiel 84 months ago | reply

      I'd like to add this beautiful pic on my group:



    7. creamy_shower 84 months ago | reply

      This is a wonderful selfportrait. I like it :)

    8. Lisa Saeboe [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      this is so cute

    9. playsexlove 41 months ago | reply

      This was a perfect shot for the topic I just posted on my blog: Thank you so much and please keep the pics comin'!

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