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Is that all you got?! | by ★ spunkinator
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Is that all you got?!

Never hit a man with glasses.


Hit him with your fist.


The funniest part is, I'm so docile I've never been in a one-on-one fist fight before. But since it's nearing Halloween and there's blood and scary stuff going around, I figured I'd give it a shot. This one borrows from scary vampires as well as Tyler Durden.


Taking a cue from Hitchcock, I borrowed his favorite recipe for fake blood, and you'd never imagine what it is. You'll notice it's got a great consistency and is nice and dark. Guess what it is. Give up? Chocolate syrup. I know, right?!


An alcohol assessment today warned me although I'm not alcohol dependent, I am an occasional alcohol abuser.


So hurray for that.




Bare strobe above, silver reflector below. (Yeah, "beauty" clamshell lighting. Real beautiful.)

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Taken on October 30, 2008