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MTA Cargo McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F PR-MTC MSN 46540 LN 268

C-GCPC CP Air3x GE CF6-50C2 03-27-1979

PP-VMO Varig Leased from CP Air

C-GCPC CP Air 04-02-1980 901 Empress of Quebecret

C-GCPC Canadian Pacific Airline 01-12-1986 901 Empress of Quebectfd

C-GCPC Canadian Airlines International 04-26-1987 901 Empress of Quebectfd

bt 04-1999 by Spire Pacific Ltd and leased back

N304SP McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30(F) Spire Pacific Ltd 04-25-2000 ret cvtd DC-10-30 09-2001 std at GYR 10-2001 bt 01-27-2003 by FCC

N304SP Centurion Air Cargo 08-02-2005 Leased from DC-Cuatro Cargo SA cvtd DC-10-30

ferried GYR-MIA 08-02-2005 on delivery

N304SP MTA Cargo 11-04-2007 Petete IX Leased from Centurion Air Cargo cvtd DC-10-30

PR-MTC MTA Cargo 06-2009 Petete IXrr cvtd DC-10-30

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Taken on June 7, 2011