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Scandinavian Country Dream | by Sprengben
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Scandinavian Country Dream

Hi everybody!


Thanks for the overwhelming response to my lightning photo. It always astonishes me that you guys are so lovely. When I upload a photo, I don’t expect your nice comments and thoughts. So here I go with a huge THANKS!


However, this time I want tell a short story to the photo for all of you who like to hear it and may not have the possibility to go abroad or far from home due to physical circumstances.


Other circumstances do not count. Why? Because it is important to be creative, change your mindset through new cultures and sometimes breathe smokey city air or, in this case, clean Danish country air.

So this photo was taken in Bornholm, Denmark. Just before I left home for my half-a-year trip around the world, a friend asked me if I would like to do a sailing trip with him. Of course I said yes, as I was a student these days and had enough time!


After a really hard 120 nautic miles trip from Fehmarn right through the Baltic Sea, we arrived in Bornholm. 2 of 4 guys had some problems with the waves crashing against the boat if you know what I mean... Luckily I wasn’t one of them.

As we arrived in the local harbour, we left the boat.

If you have never been on a boat, you should know that the human body adapts to the shaking of the boat.

So if you leave, it honestly feels as if the ground is shaking! It is gets worse when you are having a session on the toilet… Sometimes this can be a reason for people to throw up.


Having discussed this issue, I want to let you know what happened next. We saw another boat close to us. It was full of older people (50+… I am sorry if he thinks he is old now but if you sail, you are a young guy if you are in your twenties) who laughed at us because we came out of the boat eating an apple. They told us they where Lufthansa pilots and after arriving in the harbor, they immediately drank a beer like every sailor does.


Then they told us they just did the longest boat ride they have ever done with approximately 70 nautic miles. As we told them we just did 120 nautic miles and having sailed through the night, they suddenly started to respect us. As we drank beer right after having finished our apple, these nice guys were really friendly and invited us over to have a chat about life and getting older.


Later that day, we explored Bornholm Island and right in midst of the sunset, I was able to capture this nice little Danish church. Looks a bit like in a dream right?


Oh, I am missing this place, the pure air, the smell and the feeling of just being free and being able to go where the wind takes me.


So far, thanks for the support! I am more than thankful!


I will come over to your streams the days to come and try to get an update about your recent works, which are important to me as they inspire me to do new stuff for you guys!






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Taken on May 23, 2012