Leibniz Universität Hannover im Schnee

I am in a voting process for a really cool trip. Check out my profile page here. I know it is in german but you can still register vote for me daily and possibly win a trip to New York for 2 persons. Isn’t that a deal? globeblogger.tuifly.com/GlobeBlogger/ShowCandidate/47.phtml

Here is my profile. It would be really cool if all of you could vote daily. Without your help I cannot win this thing. The others are too strong.


Besides I am learning like an animal for my last test which is in electro technique. Quite hard stuff and my brain is smoking (do you say smoking here? :) ) like you cannot imagine.

Thanks for all the views and the comments in the past days even when I have not been able to visit your streams frequently. I really appreciate.


Okay so why do I post this image which I have taken one year ago?

Because it seems as if summer is over… At least here in my hometown. Days are getting shorter you cannot run around with your t-shirt anymore and the leafs will start to fall on the ground, soon.


So prepare for this and wait for the next summer!




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Taken on February 17, 2010