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14th July 2009 - Who will be the first to enter my Grudge Book?

I am very clever.


I just knew* that there was no way the lovely spudballoo would want blonde swishy hair! Why would you when you have beautiful curls? I would LOVE curls, but no, I only have not quite straight, not quite curly hair. Otherwise known as kinky in my little world.


* when I say knew, I mean I guessed...


Because of the aforementioned cleverness I won the challenge laid down (of course!) and have been very excited at the prospect of my prize. I had absolutely no idea what it might be but was extremely intrigued!


Fast forward to today and the lovely post person arrived at about 11am knocking on my door with a lovely little package for me. How excited was I?! I do love getting presents.


It was beautifully wrapped in spotty paper (how very apt!) and ribbons and a little notelet addressed to me. As the first layer of paper was ripped off, I could see it had another layer, this time a lovely striped tissue paper. Very much like my own game of pass the parcel (without the music unfortunately). Underneath this layer I found a lovely Moleskine notebook, in Red (by favourite colour by the way!). Opened up to find my very own personalised Grudge Book. How fantastic! It really made me smile (and laugh out loud initially too!). Surely with my cleverness I should have guessed what it would be, but that would be no fun at all!


So, thank you lovely Spudballoo! I love my new Grudge Book and I can't wait to start filling it in. You have gorgeous handwriting too!


Beware all who cross my path. You may soon enter the Grudge Book, a place you wouldn't want to be...

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Taken on July 14, 2009