Ring of Death

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    Xbox 360 #2 bites the dust :-(

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    1. doc18 ages ago | reply

      f**k Xbox 360 & stick with all fun & reliable DS ;)

    2. Spoon Monkey ages ago | reply

      But I need my 360! DS doesn't have Geometry Wars or Rockstar Table Tennis or Dead Rising! It's just a shame it's so unreliable :-(

    3. br3w ages ago | reply

      There's a Geometry Wars clone here called Grid Wars. Not sure what it's like though.

    4. Spoon Monkey ages ago | reply

      Thanks for the tip brew - grid wars ain't bad. But what I really want is to beat robad0b's score on xbox live. He will pay for his 3 million points! One day, when I get a working 360, that is.

    5. Nytroman ages ago | reply

      God that sends chills down my spine, i saw the same rings once when the power flickered(no pun intended) thank god it was fine

    6. robad0b ages ago | reply

      omg, AGAIN? :(

      You will never beat my 3 mil, muahahah! I scored 2.4 mil the other day.

    7. Spoon Monkey ages ago | reply

      When I turn it on, it either just shows the three red lights, or it appears to work but freezes after a couple of minutes. Just like last time.

    8. doc18 ages ago | reply

      it can potentially become very useful ;)

    9. Cruds Most Wanted ages ago | reply

      this has already happened to mine once.

    10. void808 ages ago | reply

      happened to mine twice. Sent it out, got it repaired, played for 8 months, died again. No red ring of death tho, just a huge screeching sound and a scrambled screen. scared the bejesus out of me. They're trying to make me pay 100$ to fix the botched job they did in the first place. Horrible system, great games.
      Dead 360 (again.)  Thanks for nothing Microsoft for your repair job.

    11. void808 ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm the mortician for a group called Dead Xbox 360 User's Group, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. Join the party....the dead party.

    12. +Jethro+ 113 months ago | reply

      same this just happened to me yesterday...damn

    13. knowledge2035 113 months ago | reply

      NOOOOOOOOOOOO! This happened to me! Microsoft is going to hear about this madness!

    14. burnz248 111 months ago | reply

      dude, all this means is that the cable that goes to your tv is not hooked up in the back

    15. Sharon from SA [deleted] 108 months ago | reply

      You are supposed to check the cable although it's usually 4 red lights that mean the cable is faulty or not connected properly. 2 Red lights mean it's overheating. My Xbox has had 3 red lights about 3 times now and came right so I think it was overheating.

      www.fixringofdeath.com has a home fix for the Ring of Death if you don't want to send it away.

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