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    An obviously well loved copy of Marathon.

    1. amatecha 36 months ago | reply

      Oh, CD-ROM copy? Nice. I need to post some shots of the original floppy version I picked up recently! It's in very good condition all around, pretty much like it's straight from the store!

    2. splorp 36 months ago | reply

      I’d love to see the floppy edition.

    3. amatecha 35 months ago | reply

      I'll take some shots soon! I actually just picked up Marathon 2 as well, although it's not in quite as good condition as my Marathon 1 box. Still, I'll have to do some nice photos of these soon as there don't seem to be any good shots that I can find on Flickr!

    4. splorp 35 months ago | reply

      Vintage software packaging photography is a lost art.

    5. amatecha 35 months ago | reply

      Absolutely. I've realized something about games in general. They are no longer the "wild west". That's why games and everything related to them was so creative and seemingly "lawless" - everything was so new and it was normal to see drastically different things from game to game. Now that innovation is slowing down and games at their current level have been around for a while, people are building a sense of history with games, and the games are automatically becoming more derivative and formulaic, designed to fit within accepted norms established by the past couple decades of games. Try and find a 2012 game that isn't extremely similar to something that we already saw 10-15 years ago... As someone who's been a lifelong gamer, I find it pretty depressing really. I look at my stacks of latest games and they are all just a plain old DVD case, or perhaps the occasional "small box" which houses a DVD case and a few-page "readme + quickstart instructions" pamphlet.

    6. splorp 30 months ago | reply

      The same can be said for software (or accessory) packaging in general.

    7. inkdesigner 29 months ago | reply

      We used to play Marathon when my boss teaching on Thursday afternoon. We sent death notes to co-worker before game to get into the mode! It was really really good network office game!

    8. luxuryluke 4 months ago | reply

      So many memories.

    9. splorp 4 months ago | reply

      I think someone had memories of chewing on this one.

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